Aree di bellezza naturale

Wetland with rich flora and fauna where you can admire rare kinds of birds, coypu, ducks. Located near the settlement of Margariti.

The region is one of the most important wetlands of our country with lush birdlife and attracts many visitors who are interested in waterfowl. The starting point of the route which is recommended is situated in Sagiada and mainly to the settlement of Skaloma, which is its harbor. From this area starts a dirt road that leads straight to the Delta of the river.

Acherontas River, the Narrows and its sources constitute an area of great natural landscape, an ecosystem of high ecological, historical and naturalistic interest. Specifically the route from Its sources to Souli seems enjoyable as it take place under the shade of huge plane trees and through the dew that is given by the frozen clear waters of the river.

The area of Perdika are particularly a favored place by nature, endless olive groves, endless beaches with blue waters make it unique. Inside the park are hosted many different species of birds and fish which recieve all the care and attention they deserve by the responsibles of the Park. Also, waterfalls, small bridges, paths with wooden stairs made of boles have been constructed.

Area of outstanding natural beauty with lush countless coves scattered in the blue waters and beaches with crystal clear waters. It is located 25 km from Igoumenitsa and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Greece.